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Wally Ear Candle Paraffin Lavender 4Pk

Wally Ear Candle Paraffin Lavender 4Pk
Item# wally4ct

Product Description

An ear candle is a hollow tapered cone which is made from wax soaked unbleached cotton muslin.

Wally's ear candles are 1/2 inch at the end, 3/16 inch at the tip, and 10 1/2 inches long.
Wally's "Comfort Tip" which has been designed to fit very comfortably into the ear canal.
Many Other ear candles may be rough which can be very irritating to the ear.

Wally's "Edge" is a special design that allows for a stronger, smoother burning candle that is also easier to light.
You can always tell a genuine Wally's Ear Candle from the competition, just look for the "Edge"!
These candles contain food grade paraffin with the essential oil of lavender and no additional additives. When burned they leave a mild fragrance that pleases and calms the patient.