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My name is Brice, and I have been using Skinny Fiber for about 2 weeks now. I was looking for an all natural product and this one definetely delivered. I am taking the 3 capsules 30 mins before my lunch and supper with a full bottle of water, and wow. Makes me feel really full. I have lost 7 lbs my first week with diet and exercise, and 3 my second week for a total of 10 lbs in 2 weeks. VERY SATISFIED. Will continue to order.

Dear MySupplement Guy,

Just writing this review for Skinny Fiber that I see you now carry.

I started taking this product one week ago as suggested two pills and a glass of water before my two largest meals. I started at 279 and the scale now reads 273. I’m very pleased with the formula and have no negative side effects to report. Late night snacking and seconds have tremendously been cut back, as I feel a direct result of the appetite suppressing or “feel full” effects of the ingredients included in Skinny Fiber. Also, I’ve noticed that my sleeping has improved, I’m not sure if this is from the Skinny Fiber or just from not over eating. In any case, it’s safe to say that from the “fat guy” trying to lose weight, I can recommend this to anyone who experience the weight loss “plateau” that many of us face, when normal diet and exercise just aren’t enough.

Jason, Pennsylvania

Thank you so very much! I am amazed at such a prompt response and you probably have one of the timeliest and reliable shipping policy I have seen. Thank you very much for your good service. Sue

Hello i would like to thank your company for the excellent delivery service. the product that your selling work well. keep doing a great job. yours truly Elaine

Thank you for you very fast service & I like the personal note! keep up the great business. Candy

Thank you Barry. I love doing business with you. Its so easy. Thank you again.
Loyal customer

The offer of free shipping initially convinced me to try this site. Then, this merchant sent a note with my order explaining about a recent price increase from the supplier forcing price increases from him. To make the extra effort to explain, especially as I had already purchased the product, was appreciated. Also, when I emailed (at 11p my time) for information on alternate products that might suit my needs, I had a response within the hour. Probably just good timing, but impressive none the less!-Gail

You do a great job dealing with people. Also, you put out good products-Clifford

I placed an order with you for vasopro ephedrine last month. Not only did the shipping come in lightening speed, the package included an energy supplement sample called Overdrive. I woke up this morning and realized I was out of what I normally take and I remembered that you included a sample.. So I just tried it and all I can say is, Thank you VERY MUCH! It is giving me energy and I feel pretty darn good! Not only was including a sample of something new extremely kind, it sure is an excellent marketing strategy! :-) I will be back to order it soon. Lynn

Your shipping is super fast and the products are as advertised and GREAT!!!-Anita

Thank you for the fantastic customer service! Ryan

Great job, wish more companies were like My Supplement Guy-these folks really care about how their customers feel. Our economy would improve if more folks were like this company. Gwem

Thanks so much for the email. It actually arrived 10 minutes after sending email. You guys are wonderful! Thanks again. Super product, super fast delivery and customer service with such flair. Signing my order was a really nice touch. Great doing business with you. Thanks again, Elly


I received my order today and am very pleased with your expeditiousness. I couldn't say the same for my previous supplier and thus look forward to doing business with you solely.

Thank you,


Well I took the two OVERDRIVE pills 30minutes ago....SO FAR YOU HAVE A WINNER! I may just take 1 next time LOL! Strong stuff....I took it on an empty stomach (something I never do) for an honest observation......feeling a little jittery LOL! And starting to sweat just typing haha! I'm sending a friend to get a bottle this weekend!- Mike

By Far the very best supplement supply outlet out there. I have been shopping and using supplements for some twenty years now and never have i found someone as knowledgable,helpful and honest as Barry at playtime concepts. I would recomend this merchant to anyone when shopping for there health products. His service is beyond reproach-Scott.
I have always been happy with my purchases at this store, and their customer service is excellent! Will continue to do regular business with them. Danielle

fast shipping great prices trusted merchant !!! Jesusita

This is my first time ordering from you but definately not my last. Prices are excellent and I know because I shop around! Shipping time was outstanding........ thank you arilda

Thanks again for your great service. I only get my supplements from your online-Marcia

I was highly impressed with the rapid shipment of my order and could barely believe my eyes when I noticed the hand-written thank you on my receipt! What a wonderful touch to add the personal notes and the business card. Excellent job and kudos to your staff! I will be shopping with you more often and recommend you to my friends and family. Kim

I was impressed. Excelent delivery time. Thanks a lot guys. Mihail

Thanks for your faithful customer service! We are never let down. Jessica

I have to admit I saw the Takara Detox Patches on TV. I ordered them witout even looking anywhere's else. I then found your website and saw the detox patches. I have purchased them and used them and have seen results in less than a week. I am no longer drained all the time. They really work!!! I bought a 20 day supply from you that was cheaper than a 5 day supply from another company. The results are great. Craig


I have just received my product. Thank you for the prompt shipment. This prompt service will definitely have me coming back for more. David

What_we_do_best = Your turn around time for my order was stupendous- Jamie

Today, I am in receipt of the patches not pain as well as the protien bar and the crackers. I have already tried the patches and I am ordering them today. What a relief. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. My stomache is relieved as well. No need for pain pills yet today. Your a God sent. God bless. Lisa

Its a pleasure working with this merchant! Very professional and great customer service. Thanks-Terri

Thanks for the reply, my order was shipped and I recieved it today. I couldn't have asked for better service. John

Will buy again from you: Good service, good product and good price. Mary l.

I am extremely impressed how helpful you can be. I sent an email with a concern, and you responded immediately, that is awesome customer service. Thank you so much for putting your customers first, even though I have local supplement stores, because of your helpful attitude I will shop online more often! Keep up the good job! Jessica

Very good order comes on time and packaged very well...and always emails me about upcomeing items good doing business with great custimer service-Cathi


Thank you very much for processing my order so quickly. I received my order today! You are awesome. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thank you again!! Sincerely, ~Josh (very satisfied customer)

What_we_do_best = Barry handles everything in such an excellent manner and his customer service and feedback is top notch.
What_we_do_worst = I really don't have a complaint to say. User_Additional_Comments = Keep up the great work and job. Eric

Body:I always receive prompt service. My questions are answered in a very speedy manner. Customer service is wonderful with this company. They are also knowledgable about the products they sell. A+ to do business with!Julianne

I have used other internet suppliers but you are the best of the best ! Thank you again for a brilliant product & service. - Kindest regards, Rod

Very easy to order. I appreciate that he follows all the regulations concerning products he sells. Makes me feel safe to know that I am dealing with someone who cares about his products and the quality. The handwritten thank yous on my invoice are great. Thank you for everything! Jennifer

Regular customer
Your service is always great -- never any glitches or let-downs: very, very few companies (that I've dealt with) ever meet your standards..... Julie

This companys customer service was EXCELLENT and I had my items within two days!
I highly recommend them and will be back to shop again and agai- Sandra !

Barry Thank you very much for your great service as usual. Bill

You continue to be the best, I have recommended many people and all are repeat, they love your diet and energy products especially Thermokinetic. Very Happy Customers,Thank you,-Teresa

Hi Barry, Just wanted to thank you again for your excellent customer service! I'm a VERY satisfied customer, and with your high standard of quality products, you've earned another customer for life. Wish there were more out there like you......

Gratefully, Lisa

I was very pleased with the products I ordered. I have place another order-Joi

Thank you Barry. Again, you are great to do business with.-Sara

I am a frequent customer of yours and although I am VERY fond of the product I have consistently ordered, (X-Lean) I must tell you I am more impressed with the service and prompt delivery of your products! I cannot believe that I received this email yesterday and today I received the X-Lean.-Terresa

Thanks For the great service!-Melanie

Your Thermokinetic Is The Best Fat Burner I have ever used, it's better then any Ephedra Product I have used in the past and the Energy Is Just As Good As Ephedra and Ephedrine: thank you for Thermokinetic.-Elizabeth

I'm really liking your service more and more-Sandi

What_we_do_best = Prompt and courteous communication is without a doubt one of the best things a company can do to ensure loyalty among its customers. Not only was this item shipped extremely fast but I was notified before-hand which was very much appreciated. This is what an online shopping experience should be like.

Additional_Comments = Everything was very professional, however, it was the personal touch you provided that will keep me coming back for any future supplement needs I have. Thanks again.-Stefan

Thermokinetic is the best fat burner I ever took, I have lost 3-4 pounds a week for two months in a row. I will tell my friends about Thermokinetic.- Jamie

I ordered a bottle of Hoodia and took it for a month. After that, I went to a local drugstore and bought another bottle of Hoodia. BIG DIFFERENCE!!! I was eating right after taking one. Your Hoodia works wonders and have ordered another bottle and will throw out the other.-Geri

Thanks Barry! you are doing a great Job!!!!!!....Wil

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! SUPER FAST DELIVERY! User_Additional_Comments = It was a pleasure doing busy with you! I will definitely be a repeat customer!-Kristen

hi barry this is to say thanks for the great service you provide your customers-Jerry

Friend has used you and nothing but good things to say about your price and service- I agree, great prices! I'll be back.-John

You have remarkable products and excellent administration.-Dara

Hi Barry! just wanted to say I recieved my order today and you guys do a great job!- Wil

Extra customer data: : Thank you so much for the friendly and prompt service I have always recieved from you.-Maxine

Excellent Price Rating: Good
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
The merchant is always there for me If there is a stock or any other problem, he always contacts me and is very helpful.-Dara

Thanks again Barry for the fast delivery on the last order!-Michael

Thank you for the previous order. I've recomended you to many patients of mine who since loged on and placed orders. many thanks-Carlise

Thank you for being such a great company, you always come though thanks Barry.Janet Thank you so much barry I really like you guys always there when you need help.Thank you for your time-John

Fast, Efficient & Accurate Service - Patti

Hi Barry, I got my entire office hooked on Healthy Clean. We love it. I placed an order for 4 bottles- Wendy

Love your Healthy Clean, I feel so much better after the first week. The bloating feeling I had has gone away and my waist is a little flatter. Great product- Bob

I tried Healthy Clean for the first time after two weeks I am not constipated anymore and I have a lot more energy-Pat

I lost two waist sizes with Thermokinetic in less then 4 weeks, great product, I will be telling my friends about Thermokinetic.-Kevin

love your Healthy Clean after the first week I really had more energy and just felt better-John

Extremely impressed with your quality of service-Peter

it's great that you care enough about people that you respond to there needs.-Della

Hi Barry, I would be remiss if I did not take the time to personally thank you for your quick delivery of the vitamins I ordered on Monday of this week! I was so pleasantly surprised to receive the supplement in the mail today! I ordered a similar item in early January from another vendor online, and although the pills did the trick (I lost 13 pounds in 4 weeks!), I paid almost double and waited over a week to receive them. Also, it should be noted that your supplement (can you tell I don't know what to call the darn things) has double the key ingredients the other bottle did, with half the number of pills per bottle! Can you tell I am pleased? Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your offering this item and I look forward to doing plenty more business with you! (even when the vitamins shops start offering Ephedra product in stores again!) Thanks again, it was truly a pleasure doing business with you! Sincerely, TC

"Thanx Again. Here is the update for the Thermokinetic. When you said drink water, I didn't realize it was "Baghdad in the Summer" amounts. I had a slight case of dehydration, but fixed it. It worked GREAT...I had energy all day, and coupled with my current diet and exercise regime, it did really well. Once things get better financially, I may try some more of them."

Thanx Again,


The Thermokinetic you told me to try is the best fat burner/energy product I have ever tried- John

I lost 7 pounds in two weeks with your Thermokinetic, great stuff- Mindy

Thanks for suggusting the Dicana,you really know your stuff, I lost weight very fast. Keep up the good work. (Christina)

Ventilean is the Best Fat Burner I have ever used, thanks for suggesting it to me Barry (Mary)

Barry, You are efficient, fast and accurate. Thank you again and I'll talk to you soon. Lisa

Finingex helped me put on 15lbs in 4 weeks, my strength went through the roof. I am so glad you told me about the Barry (Joe)

Thank you very much.... These pills are vital to my progress. They got some great stuff at the Iraqi pharmacies and nobody needs a prescription, but I cant read the boxes. Take it easy and I'll make sure to refer you to anyone that needs some great deals. -Robert

Best service i've ever recieved from a company- Peter

Fantastic delivery time & great service on prior orders.-Charles

Thank you so much for your immediate response. Your customer service speaks volumes for your company. I will spread the word! Thanks Again! Laura

Great Company! Fast, reliable service-Daniele

Barry... I greatly appreciate your high level of customer satisfaction and your dedication to making things right.

Have a terrific weekend. Thank you once again for all your help.
Sincerely, Char

Barry I wanted to let you know I have let some guys Iwork with know about you an the online orders , they are all working out an looking to try different supplements.. also I plan to be a long term customer, Your prices are great an your info on the products is unbeatable. Sincerely Jeremiah

What a wonderful transaction-I found exactly what I needed at a 50% decrease in price-it arrived today and its exactly what I was expecting. They even included something free that would coincide with the product that I purchased. Thank you so much. Eva

You guys Genuinely care about your customers/welfare and wellness- that's very rare. Julie

I recieved my order today and I couldn't be more happy with your products and assistance.I have a tremendous amount of respect for your services now and I will continue to be a customer in the future as well as sending my friends to your website. Once again, thank you for your help and generosity. Jeremy

Your Service is Excellent- Glenna

You guys are the best!-GP

Hi Barry!!

I ordered Vasapro Ephedra and JetFuel on Friday, and received my order today. (Monday, April 25) Thanks so much for the fast delivery!! And, tonight I went running after taking some JetFuel and I had so much energy!! I don't remember having this much energy to run since I had taken Hydroxycut with ephedra a few years ago. I was disappointed when Hydroxycut was being made without the ephedra, but now I've found something just as good!! Thanks!! With a full time job, two kids, a house, and a husband, I need all the energy I can get!! So, again thanks!! Thanks once again, Tanya

Hey Barry, Thanks for making my life easier . God Bless........debbie

Great products, excellent prices, fast shipping AAAAAA+++++

Many service as usual.

Your Great!!!- Suzanne

Returning Satisfied Customer : Thanx Barry...Wayne

U have the best service. Thanx-Aaron

What_we_do_best = your quick answer, handling and friendly support.
What_we_do_worst = none

good fast service--Paula

I'm very pleased with how fast I receive my products from you-Becky

you are amazing. I appreciate your help and the kindness as well as your quick way of handling things. Have a good evening you are amazing.-Silvia

I am so impressed with your company and the Fast Shipping!-Michelle

Thank you Barry........You're a good business man. Debbie

Thank You so much for the great service !!!!!!!!!!!!! Paula

Love the store, keep up the great work-Eric

Thanks Again!! You guys are lifesavers!!-Linda

Hi Barry,

I received the supplements today. Thank you so much for the note and free samples. I'll let you know how the JetFuel and Hoodia work for me. It is a pleasure doing business with you. It's rare that I find good customer care these days. Doing business with you has been refreshing, you have been professional, kind, and courtesy. I'm looking forward to doing more business with you. Thank you, again.

Barry was so kind He took my call and was very helpful after hours. Barry You know what you are talking about. I orders some products online from your company as well as somebody else same time I recieved your products and the other company still has not delivered (literally). I plan to reorder from you before those things get here. Stacy-ny

I have been happy with the products.- Della

Thank you for your great Customer Service and Support!!!! Becky


You have a great site...keep up the good job!!! Robert

great service, thanks for the free samples!

Love Doing Business With You- Sharon

Always Use You guys, thanks...!!never any problems

When I called, the guy who answered the phone was very helpful- Heather

I really appreaciate that and your service to the military. Yes, it is a service. Because without people like you we couldn't do what we do. Thank you once again and may God bless you.- James

excellent service always- Lisa

Fabulous customer service-Julie

Repeat customer : Great service and price!- Lisa

Good Morning, I received my order yesterday. It sure was a fast delivery, thanks so much and have a good day. Joyce

Thank you. You have been very helpful in my health goals.- Dara

You guys are great and keep up the good work- Gerald

really impressed by quick delivery of last order! JILL

You are Great!!!Suzanne

Fast Prompt Service. You product (s) is just what you say...Your guarantee is absolutley nothing but the truth! Very professional!
Will do business with again! A+++ - Brandon

yeah friendly service and reliable products-Frank

great company-Maria

I lost 10 pounds with Thermokinetic is 3 weeks, great product-Tom


I will definitely purchase from this company again. They provided great customer service, an easy ordering process, and quick delivery. They event wrote a personal Thank you to me and gave me a free sample of another product that I think I will be ordering as well. Keep up the great work Guys!

-Karen Philadelphia, PA

An overall excellent shopping experience. I will do business with them again and again! Sharon

As always, I have received excellent service, and fast, and am very pleased with what I ordered. I am a repeat customer.-John

As always, I have received excellent service, and fast, and am very pleased with what I ordered. I am a repeat customer.-Tony

It is a pleasure getting the supplements that I need from your company. Thank You, Cynthia

Hello Barry,
Thanks for your help from Me and Hadley and her Mom Glenna. We will be coming to you more often for products. Thanks for the fast shipping and samples. I will be sending my buddies to your site.- Glenna

Your shipping is great and love your products-Nick and Hadley

You guys are GREAT, Thank you!!!-Rebecca

**** Have ordered from you before : Great service-Katherine

Extra customer data: Repeat customer : The first time I used your website I was very impressed with the service, speed of delivery, and value. I have recommended you to several of my friends. Thanks!-Robert

Great Company!! Thank You Merry Christmas!!! And a great Year ahead for you!!! Suzzane

Hi Barry,

Dana and I got our box today...Thank you for the fast shipping and GREAT customer service.

Happy Holidays,

Wayne and Dana

Thanks Barry, you are the best. Have a great holiday.

Dear Barry, Thank you very much for your quick response. I greatly appreciate your efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. Jason

This product(Thermokinetic) works as well, if not better, than the "old" Metabolife with Ephedra-Erica

Great Service!- Russell

Just a note to say thanks for the free gift and that I love the foot pads. By the way the hand written note on my recipt was a nice touch.-Marlane

You guys have great customer service, I recommend you to anyone asking about supplements.-Becky

fast delivery- we have ordered from you before and are very pleased Elyse

Lost 14 pounds in just a few weeks. This is just what I needed! Thanks for offering Thermokinetic! TC

I just received my order today, and everything was great. I can't believe how fast you got it to me-William

thank you for your fast delievery i have recieved before, and hope to receive in 2 or 3 days . thanks agian for your safe and great products love doing busness with such a great company thank you again; janet