Stat Hair Shampoo Kit Detoxifier

Stat Hair Shampoo Kit Detoxifier
Stat Hair Shampoo Kit Detoxifier
Item# STH KT

Product Description

Stat Hair Shampoo Kit Detoxifier

As with all STAT! products, each STAT! Shampoo Kit formula has been scientifically prepared, refined, and extensively tested to ensure the MOST EFFECTIVE hair purification results.

The STAT! Shampoo Kit provides a unique ALL-INCLUSIVE purification system for complete hair follicle cleansing. The kit contains two applications of our 2-stage cleansing system with easy-to-follow instructions.

The STAT! Shampoo Kit deep cleans impurities from within the hair follicle. Don't be fooled by other brands that merely mask impurities temporarily, or remove only surface impurities. The STAT! Shampoo Kit gets to the root!

The STAT! Shampoo Kit offers temporary results guaranteed for 24 hours after application. Use the shampoo the night before and the morning of the day you desire clean hair.

Is the STAT! Shampoo Kit damaging to my hair and/or skin? NO. The STAT! Shampoo Kit is specifically formulated to enhance the texture and condition of the hair. Although gentle enough for sensitive skin, chemically treated and/or colored hair, do not use within 48 hours of color treating or chemically treating hair. It will not strip color or perm from hair, but will condition and detangle hair.

What about the ingredients are they natural? YES. The STAT! Shampoo Kit contains no harmful ingredients it is made with high-quality natural ingredients.

Can I use the shampoo on my body hair? YES. The STAT! Shampoo Kit has been scientifically-formulated to deep clean and purify the hair follicle. Use liberally on body hair.