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The Liquid Stuff Detoxifier (16 oz)

The Liquid Stuff Detoxifier
The Liquid Stuff Detoxifier
Item# 2001

Product Description

The Liquid Stuff Detoxifier

The Liquid Stuff is a great tasting one hour Cleansing Drink that contains creatine and Vitamin B2.

The Liquid Stuff cleanses your system fast, works in 60 minutes, is effective for up to 5 hours and is proven effective.

Fast...Safe...Effective... Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!by the manufacture

Important: Avoid all toxins and unnecessary medicatons for 48 hours. No food or liquids for 4 to 5 hours before using the liquid stuff. If we do not have the flavor you select we will send you what flavor we have in stock.

Instructions: (found also on bottle) 1. Allow 60 minutes for the liquid stuff to become effective. 2. Shake well and drink entire contents of bottle. 3. Wait 15 minutes. Refill with water and drink. 4. Urinate frequently (yellow urine color is normal). You may consume one additional 16oz glass of water if desired.

The Liquid Stuff Supplement Facts: Serving Size 16 fl. oz. Servings Per Container 1 Amount Per Serving: Calories 115 Total Carbohydrates 36g 24% Dietary Fiber 16g 64% Sugars 20g Riboflavin 200mg 1176% Calcium 190mg 19% Creatine 470mg 2 Lbs.

Next Day Delievery is Available for an extra charge, Please e-mail or call us for the details.