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QCarbo Liquid Detoxifier (32 oz)

QCarbo Liquid Detoxifier
QCarbo Liquid Detoxifier
Item# 2002

Product Description

QCarbo Liquid Detoxifier

Herbal Clean QCarbo 1 Shot:

1 Step Super Cleansing Formula
No Extra Water Needed
In just 30 minutes
Up 7 Hours
  • 200% GUARANTEE (from Herbal Clean/Bng)
  • Formulated with Eliminex™
  • Two Flavors- Totally Tropical & Groovy Grape

Eliminex™ is a proprietary blend of Creatine, Guarana extract, Milk Thistle extract and Echinacea extract helping assist the body to expel unwanted toxins quickly.

QCARBO “1 Shot” is a maximum strength formula that works faster and more reliably then any other product on the market today.

Trust the incredible “1 Shot” solution that works every time!

Next Day Delievery is Available for an extra charge, Please e-mail or call us for the details.

Herbal Clean QCarbo 1 Shot is formulated with nature's finest herbs. If the flavor you ordered is not available we will substitute flavors.