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Protein and How to take

Q Hi my name is Rich.  What's the best why to take protein?

A Hi Rich the best time to take protein is after you workout.  The protein is what helps your muscles recover and rebuild.  If you ever felt sore after a workout that is because of the tiny tears in your muscles, in order to repair those tears you need to consume protein right after a workout, this will help rebuild your muscles and allow them to recover better-in turn that will help that grow and become strong. Muscle Milk protein would be a great choice.  It mixes instantly and tastes great. The glutamine peptides in the Muscle Milk help speed up your recovery rate.   It would be good if you could consume at least two protein shakes a, maybe mid mourning or mid afternoon along with your post workout shake. You can check out Muscle Milk on the site under protein.
Thank you Rich and good luck.