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Prohormones How to take them

What Do I Take With Them

Prohormones are not something to be played around with proper dosages and cycling protocols must be followed to complete a successful and safe prohormone cycle. With that in mind there are a few things that you should know.

Liver Care: Because most of these products are Methylated they can be harsh on your liver. The reason they are methylated is because for these Nomenclatures (chemicals) to convert to the active compound they first need to pass through your liver and the Methly group is needed to make sure the compounds are not destroyed. To take some of the stress of your liver it is ABSOLUTLY necessary that you do not consume ANY ALCOHOL AT ALL while you are on prohormones.

Milk thistle is HIGHLY recommended and pretty much REQUIRED to help the strain on your liver. It is recommended that you start supplementing with Milk thistle two to three weeks before the start of your prohormone cycle, and the month following the cycle but not in conjunction with prohormones because it could hurt absorption.

Support Supplements: During a prohormone cycle you need to make sure that your body is running like a well oiled machine in order to get the full effects of the compound you are taking.

Vitamin C- Simply to boost the immune system nothing ruins a prohormone cycle like getting sick on week 2 rite when every thing starts “kicking in” in full force.

Fish Oil: Great for heart health and circulation this is good to help keep your blood pressure in check. Also it is recommended that you take your prohormones with fats for absorption so it is good to take your dose of prohormones with your serving of fish oil.

CoQ-10: Also great for heart health and circulation.

BCAA: While on prohormones your body’s amino acid absorption rate is greatly increased so it is a wise idea to consume as many branch chain amino acids as you can to enhance muscle growth and repair.