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Omni Cleansing Liquid 32oz Fruit

Omni Cleansing Liquid 32oz Fruit
Item# OMCL32oz
Omni Cleansing Liquid 32oz Fruit

Product Description

Triple Strength,Advanced Detoxification Formula!

Formulated to quickly remove unwanted pollutants from you system.
This new product is convenient, fast and ultra reliable and tastes great. Omni Cleansing Liquid 32oz. Detox Drink is manufactured specifically for individuals with extreme toxin levels and or extreme body size. If you fit into either of these categories, this stuff works!

  • No extra drinking water required for up to 5 hours 32 oz. Detox Drink
  • Your detoxed in as little as 30 minutes
  • No extra steps
  • Designed for those with extreme toxin levels or large body mass.

Detox System for up to 8 hours.
100% guarantee by manufacturer!

No other natural cleanser has the power and immediate cleaning capability of Omni Cleansing Liquid. Simply drink the entire contents of the bottle and within thirty minutes, your body will be clean of impurities and toxic substances, and the effect lasts all day! You can be confident in your clean status with a money back guarantee. How can they afford to offer something like this? Because they know you will never have to ask for it. Omni Cleansing Liquid works every time. Enjoy that clean energized feeling all day. Great start for any permanent detoxification program. Always follow package directions for best results.