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Korean Ginseng 50 Caps

Korean Ginseng 50 Caps
Item# Ks50

Product Description

Korean Ginseng 500mg by World Organic

What can Ginseng do for your:
Stimulated mental and physical activity, improved accuracy of work, prevents fatigue, stimulation of endocrine glands, improves memory.
Strengthen the heart and nervous system, builds mental and physical vitality, builds resistance to disease, stimulates endocrine glands recommended for: decreased health conditions, hangovers, fatigue, cool or hot feelings, stress, menopause, light symptoms of diabetes, male impotency, weakness surrounding childbirth increased strength, stamina, athletic performance, stress management, recovery from illness.
Serving size:1 capsule,servings per container 50
Whats in it:Korean Ginseng Root 500mg
Panax Ginseng.C.A Meyer(white)from South Korea(minimum7% Ginsenosides)
Other Ingredients: Gelatin(capsule),Rice powder.