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Lift Weight to Lose Fat

It is a common misconception that if you're trying to lose weight, you should start with aerobic workouts and lose the fat first before adding weight training. Obviously, weight training is the chief element in developing strength and muscle mass.

We already know that. What few people realize is that weight training can also increase fat loss dramatically, although it occurs through an indirect effect.

Weight training is anaerobic and therefore burns carbohydrates (sugar). Cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, cycling, step classes, or stairclimbing are aerobic and therefore burn fat. So it seems logical to focus on aerobic training for fat loss. However, something interesting happens "beneath the surface" when you lift weights. Weight training increases your lean body mass - aerobic training does not. Low calorie dieting and aerobic training without weight lifting can make you lose muscle - in fact, it can actually make you fatter!

If you lose lean body mass, your metabolism slows down, and this makes it easier to gain fat. If you increase your lean body mass, you increase your metabolic rate. And the faster your metabolism is, the more fat you'll burn all day long - even while you're sleeping! This explains why bodybuilders, who have extremely high muscle to fat ratios, can stay lean year round without doing much aerobic work.

Losing body fat as quickly and efficiently as possible requires a three-pronged approach. You must pay equal attention to nutrition, VENTILEAN GEL CAPS would add to the fat burning within 8 to 12 minutes with exercise.
Aerobic training and weight training. All three ingredients are essential. If you neglect any one of these components, it will prevent you from reaching your goals, or at the very least it will compromise your results.

The most amazing thing about this fusion of weights, cardio and nutrition is that the effects of the three parts brought together are not linear, they are exponential! The synergy between them complements each other and magnifies the results. The result is an efficient metabolism and a lean, muscular body. Your metabolism is enhanced through the thermic effects of nutrition, it is elevated for several hours after every cardio session and it is also increased with every ounce of lean body mass you add. MUSCLE MILK Protein can also help reduct fat and put on lean muscle and your recovery time is much quicker if you take MUSCLE MILK right after your workout. The MUSCLE MILK tastes like a real Milk Shake, mixes instantly and is available in 18 flavors.

Written by: Barry DeHart (06/17/04)