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Workout 3 - Shoulders

When I first got into serious bodybuilding, I wanted thick, round delts more than anything.

But no matter how hard I trained - or what new tricks tried - I just couldn't develop those deltoids i was dreaming of - cannon-ball delts so incredibly big I'd have trouble fitting through doors.

I began my quest with trial and error - lots of it.

Finally I found out how to accomplish superior deltoids which made me seem a whole lot weider. Here my delt training tips for you all! If you follow them, you should make some outstanding shoulder gains.

  • Take a radical approach, shocking the deltoid muscles into growth. That may be the key.
  • Behind-the-neck presses or front shoulder presses aren't enough to build thick, round delts. Those moves are excellent for the front delts, but they don't directly affect your side heads.
  • Form is very important on lateral raises. This exercise is done incorrectly 90 percent of the time. You need to raise the dumbbells out to the sides, making sure your elbows are higher than your forearms. As you raise the weights, turn your wrists toward the front and put all the tension on the side heads. Imagine that you're slowly pouring water out of two pitchers.
  • Throw in drop sets whenever you are doing lateral. Grab a weight, pound out a specific number of reps, then switch to lighter dumbbells and continue doing more reps. Decrease the weight three or four times. That really burns out the delts and hits every fiber, promoting growth.
  • Arnold presses, made famous by Mr. Schwarzenegger himself, also shock the delts. To do this exercise, you either sit or stand, holding dumbbells at your shoulders with your palms turned in toward your body - as in the top of a dumbbell curl. As you press the dumbbells overhead, twist your hands so your palms face each other about halfway up and face forward at the top. It's important to avoid fully locking out at the top so you get constant tension on your delts.


Arnold Presses Increase the weight on each set. The last set is a drop set; decrease the weight by 10 pounds three times. 4 X 10
Lateral Raises The last set is a drop set; decrease the weight three times. 4 X 10-12
Cable Lateral Raises or wide-grip upright rows 3 X 12
Bent-over laterals Face forward on an incline bench and keep your elbows up when raising the dumbbells. Tip the dumbbells forward as for side raises. 3 X 12
Barbell Shrugs Keep your hands shoulder width apart. 4 X 10

That's it! Don't forget to send us your before and after photos, and if you have any questions, don't be shy, send them to

Written by: Barry DeHart (06/13/04)